TV, Bean Bags, Bocce and Tuna?

Wednesday night...Lost was awesome! Ben shows emotion but still retains his badassedness, Locke now pokes fun at Ben and is doing some agitating of his own.  

Sean, Jesse, Tyler and I all played bean bag toss and indoor bocce until about 1:30 am...all in all it was an entertaining night of laughs and nut shots.

Tonight...Both Offices were funny, Parks and Recreation was weak and new 30 Rock was pretty good.  I'm pretty much behind Southland, the new LA based cop show on NBC (which will probably not last because it's good).  The cast is real solid and I really enjoy the fact that they jump right into introducing about 8 pivotal characters.  I'd say give it a chance.

I made myself a tuna fish sandwich tonight with jalapeno hummus and it was delicious...thought about the peanut butter and tuna fish sandwich Michael Scott talked about on the Office this week (maybe tomorrow night)

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