Too Much...

I said I was going to post a series of blogs which would recap my recent vacation to Disney.  Here's my alternative solution...ask me how it went and I'll fill you in on the details, haha.  Seriously, I have a ton of pictures and we did so much awesome stuff that it would take so much time to try and recall all the awesomeness.  

But, I haven't given up on this here blog as a whole, so you're stuck with me.  

I went to see Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D Imax on Sunday with Sam and it was about as good as I expected.  Dreamworks has a very generic approach to their plot lines.  The look of the movie was awesome though, the 3D was done in a way so it wasn't just a cheap parlor trick and it really gave the movie depth and it was surprisingly crisp.  It was definitely good mindless entertainment with likable characters voiced by likable actors in a movie that still feels a little flat.  I would give it a 7.5/10.

I'm pretty pumped to see Pixar's new offering "UP" which is also going to be their first venture into the 3D realm and if the trend continues I feel like they will continue to one UP Dreamworks' movies(pun totally intended).  The thing that Pixar does well is they think outside the box more than Dreamworks...I mean come on, a whole movie about a little trash compacting robot with very little as far as dialogue (Wall-E, just in case you live under a rock) was an incredible, award winning movie.

Been doing a little downloading too, but I'm always at a loss when it comes to thinking of new and even old stuff to download.  I need some help, any suggestion is a welcome suggestion.

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