Disney Recap Day 1

Ok, here we go...

Saturday March 21st:
- Sam and I headed to Bradley International in CT and made our way to Florida.
- We arrived in Orlando and my parents and my sister were there to pick us up.  We all piled into the rental car and we were on our way to the hotel.

Sunday March 22nd (Day 1):
- We decided to make Disney's Animal Kingdom our first stop of the 4 Disney parks.  Here's a look at the Tree of Life, with animals carved all over it.

- We went on all the Kilimanjaro Safari and encountered some awesome animals, they wander freely throughout the ride like a real safari (except for some trouble makers like lions and crocodiles). 

(no zoom on this picture)
- We also went on the newish ride Expedition Everest which is an awesome roller coaster that looks like Mt. Everest and has you racing forwards and backwards through the mountain being chased by an angry Yeti!

(that mountain in the background is the ride)
- Sam and I went off and did a walking safari trail to see some animals up close and we saw this guy being super lazy and super huge.

Ok, this is just day one...this is going to have to happen in parts.  Stay tuned for more Disney fun!!!

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