My Night with ABC...

So we watched Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune (a routine from childhood I am re-implementing). 

After game show fun it was time for new Scrubs...and I hated it, I love scrubs...a lot.  This episode revolved around the new intern characters (annoyances) and just crawled along with Turk and Elliot whining back and fourth about how hard their jobs are and the dialogue was awful.  No JD, no Carla, no Ted, no Cox, no Kelso, NO JANITOR!  Hopefully they hit their stride in a big way next week because I was sorely disappointed this week.

I wasn't too happy after Scrubs, but the new show "Better Off Ted" follows it on Wednesdays now and it isn't half bad.  A lot of new faces and a couple familiar supporting actors including Portia Di Rossi.  This show isn't anything super but it has some laughs.  It's all about this company Veridian and they are your typical, "let's invent shit we don't really need" company.  You follow the main character Ted, played by Jay Harrington.  Harrington is new to me but after doing a little research apparently he's been making the rounds on the boob tube for the past few years, suffice it to say, he plays Ted very well.  I'd say give this show a shot if you're looking for something new to watch.

Now onto the real reason we all watch TV on Wednesdays...Lost.  It was a solid episode, which has become the norm with the shortened season, it cuts the fat off and you're left with nothing but delicious Lost meat (really? Lost meat?...sorry).  I know we all watched it, so I won't recap the events that occurred.  I like John Lockes closing line to Ben though, "welcome back to the land of the living Ben."  I can't wait to see the coming episodes and I dread the day it comes to an end.

Oh and I would be lying if I said I wasn't kind of pumped to see what happened with the funny looking short haired blonde chick on ANTM who ratted out Tahlia last week (what is my life coming too)...but seriously, what the hell happened?  

I should write this all down on paper before I start typing...Disney post coming in the next couple days.


  1. Wow...guys are secretly obsessed with ANTM no?!

    Okay, also, I liked that episode of Scrubs - it's a bummer nobody else was in it, but part of the reason they could even have a last season is because the stars decided to cut down the amount of episodes they're in, due to budget reasons. So that's why all season there's only been maybe 1 episode with the entire cast. It sucks, but I think they do the best that they can. And um, isn't that one intern from Little Giants? Methinkso.

  2. It most certainly is the kid from Little Giants.