NHL All-Star Weekend...

It's weekends like this that make me sad we don't have cable.  It's all-star weekend for the NHL and I was checking out the highlights of the skills competition last night, it looked awesome.   Growing up, the skills competition was the one thing I looked forward to at the midway point of the season and I've missed it the past 2 years and I miss the whole spectacle of it.  The breakaway challenge, skill shot competition, fastest skater, hardest shot...it's all awesome and such a simple concept, consider it the home run derby of hockey...but better.  Anyone DVR it? I'd like to watch it in all its glory.  


JimJam Blog part 2: Re-Blog, return of the Blog

So here's my new blog, well, attempt at a new blog.  I am sitting here listening to Justin play the newly downloaded Pulse  full of hits like "Rhythm is a Dancer", "Rhythm of the Night", "This is your Night" as well as 3 or 4 songs with the word "love" in the title.  Justin said it best when he said, "it reminds me of getting a haircut in the 90's."  This cd is automatic fun.  

We are talking about starting an internet radio show or podcast or something awesome like that, so hopefully I can keep updates on that coming.  If this goes down it will take place in our apartment and be hosted by yours truly with the help of Justin and Tyler.  

Oh, I'm also using google reader now and if you read this I want your blogs and whatever else you think I would like to follow and laugh at.  Ok, I'm spent...I need some rest.