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Daily Don Cherry: Week 5

Late, as always...but, I always come through with the goods.

Below is a whole lot of ridiculous. I went with a classic look last week and I felt that I needed to spice things up this week. The pattern on this jacket is amazing! He has a full garden on and it all brings out that rosy glow in his face that I'm sure you've all noticed by this point of these posts.

Maybe it's just me, but, as ridiculous as this jacket is, he pulls it off without looking like a total asshole. Don Cherry is a suit wizard, there, I said it.


Weekly Don Cherry: Week 4

Well, I promised a more classic look this week, by classic I mean classic gangster.  Don Cherry is a hockey cartel leader.  Look at that face, total intensity, never mind the gun gesture he's making...

He thinks of everything too, all his accessories pull it all together.  The man is a suit genius.  

Ok, enough for today, enjoy this simple beauty, because next week is back to Don at his best.


Weekly Don Cherry: Week 3

I have a terrible memory, looks like I'm consistent with when I remember that I forgot though.

This week is a doozy!  I think they wrote a song for The Wizard of Oz about this one, "Somewhere over Don Cherry's rainbow suit", but all joking aside, I want this suit.  This is the answer to my question, "what do I wear to Jess and Jesse's wedding?" 
Stay tuned for next weeks, it's a more classic approach by Mr. Cherry, but he still manages to make it look more grandiose than it should.


My 5 books in 2009...

I figured if Jessica can have her list of 52 books for 2009, I should be able to create a goal for myself.  I settled on the number 5, I think it's a fairly safe number.  As of right now, not counting books I started in 2008 that carried over into 2009 (The Road by Cormac McCarthy), I am currently at...1 "Devil in the White City" by Erik Larson.  To say I'm a slow reader is slightly unfair.  I don't read on the train because I occasionally get motion sick when I try, I have a hard time making myself read during the day (for no reason other than I get distracted easily), so that leaves me with reading just before I fall asleep.  So, I'm reading about 30 minutes each time, lame, I know.  I will hit my goal of 5 books, especially now that I have a goal.  I'm more than half way through my current book "Cell" by Stephen King and after that I have 3 books I'm really looking forward to.

In case you missed it, here's a list of the books I've read so far this year:
1. "Devil in the White City" by Erik Larson


Weekly Don Cherry: Week 2

Wow, off to a rough start here.  But, I'm only an hour late and hopefully this suit makes up for my tardiness.  

Not many people can pull off pink, but Don Cherry sure as hell tries...as far as I'm concerned he pulls it off and wears it well.  Tell me what you think?