I have a funny/sad post coming tomorrow hopefully...just thought I'd let you know, it's about fat people and work.


I've got a potential new job on the horizon...hopefully it works out, I'm truly sick of where I work. If I do get this job I have a real urge to take a long weekend and go west to California and see Big Mike and maybe visit Jesse for some left coast bocce and fun times.  Easter this past weekend was an alright time, hanging with Sam was awesome (as usual).  We spent Monday raking my yard and it was actually amazing, Sam and I enjoyed the beautiful weather with the dogs running around as we made huge piles of leaves (my Dad paid me more for 3 hrs work than I make in half a week at work).  

On the electronics front, I finally treated myself to Fallout 3...now I just need a chance to get the TV to myself so I can try it out.  I've only heard amazing things about it and it's made by Bethesda games, who created the Elder Scrolls series (check it out if you haven't, mainly "Oblivion").   I just needed a new source of mindless entertainment for when I'm in the apartment.


TV, Bean Bags, Bocce and Tuna?

Wednesday night...Lost was awesome! Ben shows emotion but still retains his badassedness, Locke now pokes fun at Ben and is doing some agitating of his own.  

Sean, Jesse, Tyler and I all played bean bag toss and indoor bocce until about 1:30 am...all in all it was an entertaining night of laughs and nut shots.

Tonight...Both Offices were funny, Parks and Recreation was weak and new 30 Rock was pretty good.  I'm pretty much behind Southland, the new LA based cop show on NBC (which will probably not last because it's good).  The cast is real solid and I really enjoy the fact that they jump right into introducing about 8 pivotal characters.  I'd say give it a chance.

I made myself a tuna fish sandwich tonight with jalapeno hummus and it was delicious...thought about the peanut butter and tuna fish sandwich Michael Scott talked about on the Office this week (maybe tomorrow night)


Too Much...

I said I was going to post a series of blogs which would recap my recent vacation to Disney.  Here's my alternative solution...ask me how it went and I'll fill you in on the details, haha.  Seriously, I have a ton of pictures and we did so much awesome stuff that it would take so much time to try and recall all the awesomeness.  

But, I haven't given up on this here blog as a whole, so you're stuck with me.  

I went to see Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D Imax on Sunday with Sam and it was about as good as I expected.  Dreamworks has a very generic approach to their plot lines.  The look of the movie was awesome though, the 3D was done in a way so it wasn't just a cheap parlor trick and it really gave the movie depth and it was surprisingly crisp.  It was definitely good mindless entertainment with likable characters voiced by likable actors in a movie that still feels a little flat.  I would give it a 7.5/10.

I'm pretty pumped to see Pixar's new offering "UP" which is also going to be their first venture into the 3D realm and if the trend continues I feel like they will continue to one UP Dreamworks' movies(pun totally intended).  The thing that Pixar does well is they think outside the box more than Dreamworks...I mean come on, a whole movie about a little trash compacting robot with very little as far as dialogue (Wall-E, just in case you live under a rock) was an incredible, award winning movie.

Been doing a little downloading too, but I'm always at a loss when it comes to thinking of new and even old stuff to download.  I need some help, any suggestion is a welcome suggestion.


Disney Recap Day 1

Ok, here we go...

Saturday March 21st:
- Sam and I headed to Bradley International in CT and made our way to Florida.
- We arrived in Orlando and my parents and my sister were there to pick us up.  We all piled into the rental car and we were on our way to the hotel.

Sunday March 22nd (Day 1):
- We decided to make Disney's Animal Kingdom our first stop of the 4 Disney parks.  Here's a look at the Tree of Life, with animals carved all over it.

- We went on all the Kilimanjaro Safari and encountered some awesome animals, they wander freely throughout the ride like a real safari (except for some trouble makers like lions and crocodiles). 

(no zoom on this picture)
- We also went on the newish ride Expedition Everest which is an awesome roller coaster that looks like Mt. Everest and has you racing forwards and backwards through the mountain being chased by an angry Yeti!

(that mountain in the background is the ride)
- Sam and I went off and did a walking safari trail to see some animals up close and we saw this guy being super lazy and super huge.

Ok, this is just day one...this is going to have to happen in parts.  Stay tuned for more Disney fun!!!


My Night with ABC...

So we watched Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune (a routine from childhood I am re-implementing). 

After game show fun it was time for new Scrubs...and I hated it, I love scrubs...a lot.  This episode revolved around the new intern characters (annoyances) and just crawled along with Turk and Elliot whining back and fourth about how hard their jobs are and the dialogue was awful.  No JD, no Carla, no Ted, no Cox, no Kelso, NO JANITOR!  Hopefully they hit their stride in a big way next week because I was sorely disappointed this week.

I wasn't too happy after Scrubs, but the new show "Better Off Ted" follows it on Wednesdays now and it isn't half bad.  A lot of new faces and a couple familiar supporting actors including Portia Di Rossi.  This show isn't anything super but it has some laughs.  It's all about this company Veridian and they are your typical, "let's invent shit we don't really need" company.  You follow the main character Ted, played by Jay Harrington.  Harrington is new to me but after doing a little research apparently he's been making the rounds on the boob tube for the past few years, suffice it to say, he plays Ted very well.  I'd say give this show a shot if you're looking for something new to watch.

Now onto the real reason we all watch TV on Wednesdays...Lost.  It was a solid episode, which has become the norm with the shortened season, it cuts the fat off and you're left with nothing but delicious Lost meat (really? Lost meat?...sorry).  I know we all watched it, so I won't recap the events that occurred.  I like John Lockes closing line to Ben though, "welcome back to the land of the living Ben."  I can't wait to see the coming episodes and I dread the day it comes to an end.

Oh and I would be lying if I said I wasn't kind of pumped to see what happened with the funny looking short haired blonde chick on ANTM who ratted out Tahlia last week (what is my life coming too)...but seriously, what the hell happened?  

I should write this all down on paper before I start typing...Disney post coming in the next couple days.

A Shipwreck In the Sand

So I listened to the new Silverstein CD...and it's pretty solid.  I've never been blown away by these guys and apparently neither has the industry.  They have sort of coasted along at the same level of popularity for the past 4 or 5 years.  This new disc offers a little bit more polish as well as a more gritty scream from front man Shane Told (which reminds me of Underoath at times).  The guitar work is very solid, which has been par for these guys right along, Neil does most of the writing and does it well.  The weakest part of this CD is that they really didn't expand on their sound and sort of played it safe it seems, which is fine (there are a few parts that introduce some new elements for them, but nothing groundbreaking) But I would have liked to see something bigger for these guys...who knows, maybe they have perfected what they wanted to do and this disc could finally break them.  They are great guys and I wish them the best of luck and if any band deserves to make it big, these guys are at the top of the list.