I've got a potential new job on the horizon...hopefully it works out, I'm truly sick of where I work. If I do get this job I have a real urge to take a long weekend and go west to California and see Big Mike and maybe visit Jesse for some left coast bocce and fun times.  Easter this past weekend was an alright time, hanging with Sam was awesome (as usual).  We spent Monday raking my yard and it was actually amazing, Sam and I enjoyed the beautiful weather with the dogs running around as we made huge piles of leaves (my Dad paid me more for 3 hrs work than I make in half a week at work).  

On the electronics front, I finally treated myself to Fallout 3...now I just need a chance to get the TV to myself so I can try it out.  I've only heard amazing things about it and it's made by Bethesda games, who created the Elder Scrolls series (check it out if you haven't, mainly "Oblivion").   I just needed a new source of mindless entertainment for when I'm in the apartment.

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