Daily Don Cherry: Day 2/Week 1

So, no comments on suit numero uno, that's understandable as only 2 people read this blog.  It would be better if I had a decent following.  I'm going to switch it from Daily Don Cherry, to weekly Don Cherry.  But, don't fret because below is another glorious suit to hold you over until next week.  Tell all your friends to check out Weekly Don Cherry starting next Monday and every monday...now here's Mr. Cherry in an Art Deco masterpiece:

Daily Don Cherry: Day 1

For those who don't know, Don Cherry is an NHL analyst/former coach/over the top personality and is featured on Hockey Night in Canada on CBC.  Most American's don't know who he is and that's fair enough, the stuff he says is generally only funny to hockey fans, but, what he wears is a completely different story...This guy's suits are things of beauty, works of art! This will be a daily post featuring Don Cherry in one of his finest get ups.  

I had a hard time picking which one would start this feature...the following picture is the offical beginning to what I hope to be a very entertaining daily feature:

This beauty is the start of something special, I hope you're ready for bright colors, big collars, and triple breasted jackets.

Leave some comments and let me know if you think this will keep you entertained, I know I love posting them.


If I could drive 500 miles...

I did just that, with Sam.  We logged over 500 miles of driving this weekend and it was fun.  Pretty much any activity with Sam is fun, she makes for good company, even when she decides it's nap time in the car and I need to entertain myself. 

We drove from the train station in New Haven to Henniker, NH on Friday night.  What's in Henniker you ask? Almost nothing...but, there is a small college, New England College and it really is a beautiful area, the school is integrated into a small New England town full of 19th century white buildings and covered bridges and a town center with one blinking red light to control traffic.  Why were we in Henniker?  My sister was graduating from grad school on Saturday after just graduating as an undergrad a year ago (I just officially finished my schooling this month and I was 3 years ahead of her in school).  It was a nice little ceremony with guest commencement speaker Delfeyo Marsalis, he wasn't bad.  It was a beautiful day to and New Hampshire on a nice spring day is almost unbeatable, I'm glad Sam got to come along to see the area before Amanda(my sister) moved away and I had no reason to go back there.  

We headed back to CT on Saturday and met up with Sam's parents for a nice evening of hanging out and talking about living at home and saving money and the general benefits of having more money (there's a few).  Sunday was a cool gray day, I ended up meeting some friends in Mansfield for some ultimate frisbee and I ran my ass off, as much as it sucks, it feels good to do it.  Sam was at work all day, so after frisbee I hung out with my Dad all evening and we watched JCVD (which was awesome) and Role Models.  It was a good day, my Dad had been feeling like crap lately so it was nice to just sit on the couch and watch some action and comedy and eat chips and salsa.  

All in all a good weekend with the family and Sam.  Looking forward to Memorial day next weekend!



I have been on the job search for some time now and it hasn't been all I hoped it to be.  I feel like my resume is still very weak and I have no cover letter, well, because I have no idea what to even put in the damn thing.  I had one interview a couple weeks ago and I know my first impression was one of little promise.  I was nervous and very tired from my day which started at 6 am in CT and lead to a day of work and then the interview...excuses excuses.  

One thing I definitely need is some new clothes, nothing drastic, just something nicer to wear when I do get some interviews and just a few new things to get out of this redundant wardrobe I'm rocking now.  Oh, and a cover letter, definitely need that.

I'm sick of feeling sorry for myself too, I need to get my shit together and do something with my life instead of waiting for things to happen to me.

Wow, what a bummer blog...I'll end with some luck/love thrown at a "cool cat" (he knows who he is), you have sooo many more indoor bocce games to ruin/enhance.