I have been on the job search for some time now and it hasn't been all I hoped it to be.  I feel like my resume is still very weak and I have no cover letter, well, because I have no idea what to even put in the damn thing.  I had one interview a couple weeks ago and I know my first impression was one of little promise.  I was nervous and very tired from my day which started at 6 am in CT and lead to a day of work and then the interview...excuses excuses.  

One thing I definitely need is some new clothes, nothing drastic, just something nicer to wear when I do get some interviews and just a few new things to get out of this redundant wardrobe I'm rocking now.  Oh, and a cover letter, definitely need that.

I'm sick of feeling sorry for myself too, I need to get my shit together and do something with my life instead of waiting for things to happen to me.

Wow, what a bummer blog...I'll end with some luck/love thrown at a "cool cat" (he knows who he is), you have sooo many more indoor bocce games to ruin/enhance.

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