So, my hard drive crashed a couple months ago and I lost all my music and photos and some other minor stuff, but I did have 5400 songs on my computer (most of which I actually purchsed).  Once I got my computer back I started downloading a bunch of music so I could start rebuilding my library and adding some other stuff, it was the official start of me never wanting to spend money on music again.  Then, to really piss me off, I got up to around 2500 songs...and my "new" hard drive crashed! again!  Well, suffice it to say, it's been a few weeks since I got my computer back the second time and I just started downloading music again, it was just so hard to make myself do it.  So, since i've started again, I'd love to have some suggestions for downloading...I have a bunch of stuff in mind, but I like hearing other peoples suggestions.

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